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Welcome ... the guide for shipping lightweight items to Germany! Find out how our eCommerce products can meet your shipping requirements. Benefit from our efficient and reliable network - we support you with six country offices in Europe. A high-quality network and excellent knowledge of our home market await you for your shipments with a German destination address. Environmentally friendly and fast delivery are not mutually exclusive - that is what customers expect, and we have found the perfect balance.

eCommerce to Germany – facts and figures relating to online business

High purchasing power, outstanding infrastructure and a digitalized population - Germany has all the right conditions for successful eCommerce. With more than 83 million inhabitants, Germany is densely populated and one of Europe's biggest eCommerce markets. Its central geographical location in Europe and DHL Group as a qualified logistics company ensure optimal conditions for your goods transportation. More than two-thirds of Germans, 69.9 percent, make purchases online and are thus potential eCommerce customers. Germans between 18 and 53 years of age prefer to shop online using their smartphone. More than 91% of the population are of German origin. The largest ethnic group of non-German origin are Turks, who make up more than 3% of the population. Approximately 6% of the population are of Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Spanish origin.

  • 75% prefer DHL Group as their delivery service provider
  • 74% of domestic online purchases weighed up to 2 kg
  • 8% eCommerce growth
  • 80% smartphone penetration
  • 53% do research before buying

Ship with us

BEST VALUE for your money! Benefit from our efficient and reliable network - our product range offers you and your customers the service you need. Deutsche Post International is your sustainable logistics provider and your recommended service for lightweight, low-value shipments. Our products for shipping to Germany score particularly well with simple handling and optional tracking.

Deutsche Post Packet

Deutsche Post International (DPI) Packet Products are your solution for shipping everything to Germany and worldwide, from T-shirts and small electronic items to bespoke jewelry and accessories. You have the choice of shipping solutions with our without tracking.

Deutsche Post Packet-Products at a Glance:

Warenpost (merchandise mail)

…for senders of small and inexpensive goods who are looking for fast documented delivery at a reasonable price. Many products are too small to ship as a parcel. Warenpost (merchandise mail) is the perfect, convenient solution!

The right address format

An incorrectly addressed shipment may easily lead to delivery being delayed.
In the worst case, the shipment is not delivered at all or is returned.
That can negatively affect your company's reputation and ultimately its profit.
The process step of labelling is automated for our products, but you need to be aware of the special features of the address format in Germany when entering the address:

  • 1st line: full name of recipient or name of company
  • 2nd line: address with street and building number, additional information (if available)
  • 3rd line: postal code, town/city
  • 4th line: country (international items only)

Tips for shipment labelling

  • attach complete address labels to the shipment surface
  • do not use reflective paper for labels
  • avoid gaps between the address lines
  • use complete, official street names and the correct building number
  • make sure the whole of the recipient's address is visible
  • leave space at the edge to ensure addresses can be read more easily by sorting machines
  • for shipping labels, it is important that the whole label is visible and that nothing is obscured.
  • ADDRESSFACTORY DIRECT is the ideal product for eCommerce - during the contact with your customer, you can check the address provided > Find out more

We are your competent partner to help you with digitalizing and automating labelling!

Suitable integration channels

We help you find the perfect connection to our IT systems for your growing sales channels - allowing you to conveniently and flexibly make use of our services. Choose between our portal with its convenient user interface, our API for shipping and shipment tracking, or shipment solutions from third-party providers – many established software vendors have already integrated Deutsche Post solutions. Discover the right solution to meet your requirements here.


Offer your customers flexible delivery with our parcel delivery services and integrate the Packstation into your webshop! German online customers value the individual delivery of their orders. Your customers can choose any Packstation from over 13,000 locations to receive and ship their parcels. The locations are listed at

What's in it for your customers?

  • Receive and send parcels in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Use of the Packstation as a delivery address without additional costs.
  • Immediate delivery notification to customers in the Post & DHL App.
  • Parcel pickup at the Packstation for registered customers.
  • Parcel shipping and returns with no need to register.

Here's how:

The technical integration of DHL shipping services means you can quickly and easily integrate the Packstation and other services into your webshop - either via an API or via the available plug-ins of the shop software. You can choose from the following delivery services: Packstation, retail outlet/branch, preferred place, preferred neighbor or preferred delivery date.


Retail outlet/branch

Preferred place

Preferred neighbor

Preferred day

The DHL customer account also guarantees the recipient's identity: To receive a shipment addressed to a Packstation, customers must register for the service and activate the Post & DHL App on their smartphones. During registration for the Packstation service, the customer data is checked to prevent fraud and misuse.

For more information, see

Sustainability – offset the CO2e* emitted by your shipments with us

Since the beginning of 2023, we have been offsetting the CO2e* emitted by shipments automatically and at no extra charge. German consumers have a high level of environmental awareness, and this is reflected in their consumption, the development of organic and vegan products, low energy consumption products and so on. Participants in the IPC domestic eCommerce shopper survey 2022 in Germany were asked how much they agreed with a number of statements in connection with sustainable delivery – 26% strongly agreed that they would be willing to receive a parcel later in order to reduce its environmental impact, and 18% strongly agreed that they preferred a climate-neutral delivery. 23% were of the opinion that it was the responsibility of retailers, not consumers, to pay for sustainability.

With this in mind, our clear goal is to offer a comprehensive portfolio of green products and solutions for logistics. As the world’s leading logistics company, we recognize our responsibility to set a good example in our industry and assume a pioneering role in sustainability: we are reducing the carbon footprint of our activities directly at source. We are convinced that, working side by side with you, we can make a significant contribution to climate protection. Find out more about our commitment here!

Prohibited or restricted imports

The following products may require additional documentation or other regulatory approvals before they are released: Alcoholic beverages, fuels, biological substances (Category B UN3373), chemicals, cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes, tea, coffee, cosmetics, medicines and dietary supplements, food, jewelry, perishable goods, plants, seeds, textiles, toy weapons.

Please refer to Chapters 7 and 8 of our Service Description for details of hazardous goods and prohibited items (Service and Handling Brochure for Deutsche Post Business Mail and Deutsche Post Packet (Deutsch), valid from January 2023, DHL Paket - Infoblatt - Gefahrgutversand, List of Prohibited Articles (

Goods that originated outside the European Union (EU) to which free movement of goods within the EU does not apply, goods that contravene the import restrictions of the destination country and shipments for which the country of origin and the country of destination are identical (ABA Remailing) are excluded from transport. Other excluded goods are listed in the General Terms and Conditions. Deutsche Post Packet products may not be used by customers based in Germany (that is to say, export shipments from Germany are not allowed).

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