Climate-friendly Shipping with GoGreen

GoGreen as an inclusive service

From 2023 we will automatically transport all Deutsche Post Business Mail and Deutsche Post Packet shipments in a CO2e*-compensated manner at no extra charge. This applies to all shipments from posting at Deutsche Post's International Mail Center. 

Compensation occurs regardless of whether or not a special label is applied to the shipments and without the customer having to select a special service.
Deutsche Post subsequently compensates for the CO2e emissions generated during transport by investing in internationally recognized climate protection projects (e.g. by reforesting the rainforest).
You can find more information about the projects here.

The so-called Offsetting is used to calculate the CO2e footprint for all cross-border shipments from posting to delivery in the destination country. Based on a compensation process, investments are then made in certified projects. This is not done on a customer-specific basis, but at the overall process level.

* CO2e = CO2 equivalent: it gives the greenhouse gas effect normalized to CO2 for CO2 and eight other greenhouse gases (e.g. methane).

You can also send your international direct mail and printed matter in a climate-friendly manner with GoGreen.

Go Green label

If the label is created via the Deutsche Post customer portal or the API, a GoGreen logo is automatically displayed in the label. If the label is not created via the portal or the API, a GoGreen logo can be applied to the left of the franking mark on the items. The logo can be used without a subline or with the sublines "We ship climate-friendly with Deutsche Post"/ "We ship climate-friendly with Deutsche Post".

The GoGreen logo can be used as a sign of your own commitment to climate protection and made visible by printing the logo on envelopes or parcel packaging. Only the product logo issued by Deutsche Post may be used in compliance with the relevant guidelines in order to mark the shipments as climate-friendly. 

GoGreen Logo

Address and postage

The following must always be present on any mail item that is to be sent abroad:

  • Address
  • Postage paid impression (PPI) with a specific 
  • PO box (Postfach) indication and a German return address (PO box in the postage print impression). 
  • Postage with a customer-specific PO box is mandatory for shipments containing goods and / or tracked shipments (Packet). Your Customer Service will arrange for a sample test to be carried out prior to posting.

If document deliveries (Business Mail) cannot be delivered and no customer-specific PO box was specified when franking, the documents will be destroyed.

The areas in which you should add this information in order for your international mail to reach its destination quickly are displayed in the picture below. It is always advisable to have a sample of your mail layout checked by your local sales support team before posting.



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Application of the GoGreen-logo

If you would like to have a GoGreen-logo printed on your mailings, you can download the appropriate product logos and the terms of use from the following link:

Further information on attaching the logos to your shipment can be found here: