International packets: 'local look' or easy dispatch

Easy dispatch

Let us take care of your package shipment needs with our simple and straightforward international services, focused on ease of preparation and dispatch including simplified postal customs documentation and clearance.

  • Send packets to all destination countries
  • Easy shipment preparation
  • Simplified postal customs documentation and clearance

'Local look'

The right look and feel can be very important to make a lasting impression. Send your packets to selected countries with a 'Local look'. Strengthen your presence and your customers’ trust in the target country.

  • Sending your packets mail with a ‘local look' strengthens your international presence
  • Increase your customers’ trust in your business by using a ‘local look’  

Easy dispatch of your packets – globally


Do you need to get your products to your customers as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible? PACKET is the solution for shipping everything from T-shirts and small electronics to custom jewelry and accessories worldwide.

Packet Tracked

Would you like to offer your customers delivery tracking? PACKET TRACKED is a basic track & trace service made for e-commerce retailers and mail order companies that send low-value and low-weight shipments up to 2kg. Give your customers shipment status updates from collection to delivery in 53 countries around the world.

Deutsche Post International Packets

Packet Plus

Do you want a premium yet economical end-to-end service for your low-weight, low-value items? PACKET PLUS adds extra features like basic tracking options and signature proof of delivery to our proven PACKET service.

Packet Return

Would you like to ensure cost efficient, convenient and clear returns processing? Then complement our PACKET services with PACKET RETURN and offer your customers free returns across Europe. 

Packets with the 'local look' – to selected countries

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Packet Direct

Use our access to the packet network of various local suppliers for increasing your eCommerce business.

  • Benefit from the best possible packet solutions regarding quality and cost-efficiency
  • Select between untracked and cost-efficient or tracked and secure options

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