Worldwide shipping of lightweight goods!

Send your cross-border deliveries using the most sustainable letter and parcel service in the industry: CO2e-compensated transport at no extra charge!

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Packet Standard

Do you need a shipping service that will get your products to your customers as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible? Packet Standard is the solution for shipping everything from T-shirts and small electronics to bespoke jewellery and accessories worldwide.

Packet Tracked

Would you like to offer your customers delivery tracking? Packet Tracked is the ideal product for the international shipping of lightweight goods up to 2 kilograms, and includes electronic end-to-end shipment tracking: from posting, through delivery, to handover to the postal courier.

...more sustainable than ever: Our customers can actively control and reduce their CO2 emissions using DHL Deutsche Post´s greenest solutions yet.

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Packet Plus

Do you want a premium yet economical end-to-end service for your low-weight, low-value items? Packet Plus offers global shipping to over 220 countries and territories, and includes shipment tracking, confirmation of delivery in key destinations, and our shipment value protection option.

Packet Return

Do you want to make sure that the process of returning an item is cost efficient, convenient and transparent? Then choose PACKET RETURN as an add-on to our PACKET services and offer your customers free returns throughout Europe.

Simple global shipping and optimal access to the German market – easy dispatch with a local look

Thanks to a simplified postal customs clearance process, our international Packet Services take the hassle out of preparation and shipping.

The right look can make a lasting impression. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to ship your international Packets to Germany using a local sender’s address, giving your products the “local look” – enhancing your international presence and increasing customer confidence in your business.

Advance electronic delivery of customs data


An increasing number of countries now require advance electronic delivery of customs data for inbound international parcels. The data includes information about the sender, recipient, parcel contents and an S10 barcode.

In future, parcel shippers who do not provide this electronic information may have their parcels rejected by some destination countries. Fines and additional fees may be incurred.

How can we help you?

The information most often required is usually indicated on the CN 22 customs declaration form. That information should then be sent electronically.

To meet these new requirements and ensure that your international parcels can be delivered without hindrance in future, we offer solutions that are just right for your company. When you use our portal or our API solutions, you can be sure that any future requirements will be met.

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