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GoGreen –
Green solutions for climate-friendly logistics

We are taking action and making changes – sustainably

More and more companies from a wide range of industries are setting climate protection goals for themselves, goals that are also dependent on support from their suppliers. Our clear goal is therefore to offer a comprehensive portfolio of green products and solutions for logistics. As the world’s leading logistics company, we recognize our responsibility to set a good example in our industry and assume a pioneering role in sustainability: We are reducing the carbon footprint of our activities at the very source. We are convinced that, working together side by side with you our customers, we can make a significant contribution to climate protection.
Over the last few years we at Deutsche Post and DHL have been able to achieve climate-friendly growth while undergoing significant structural change. In some cases we’ve even been able to lower our carbon footprint despite volume increases. Delivery is carbon-free in over 45% of our districts. None of our competitors in Europe even come close to the number of carbon-free delivery vehicles and operating equipment we’ve deployed at Deutsche Post and DHL.
To further improve our sustainability performance in the future, we are making huge investments in new technologies and processes with the medium-term goal of offering carbon-free mail and parcel service. Over the next several years, we will be getting “greener” along the entire logistics value chain. Our action plan includes alternative transport solutions as well as new building and energy solutions. Over the next few years, for example, new buildings at our delivery bases will designed and constructed to be carbon free and fitted with photovoltaics, heat pumps and building automation. And we will also continue to expand our e-fleet. All of these infrastructure-related measures contribute to a targeted reduction of our carbon emissions and more sustainable core processes.

A broader GoGreen product portfolio from 2022:

For shipping-related emissions that are unavoidable, we continue to offer our GoGreen service, which offsets carbon emissions through certified climate projects. We will be expanding the scope of this service so that, starting in 2022, all of your letter mail items will be sent GoGreen, i.e. with emissions offset, at no additional charge.

Be a part of the solution!

Use the GoGreen shipping service for your WARENPOST items and help support climate protection initiatives to offset emissions:

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