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Sustainable solutions for action and change


More and more companies from a wide range of industries are setting climate protection goals that depend, among other things, on the support of their suppliers. Our goal is to offer them an
extensive portfolio of green products and solutions for logistics. As the world's leading logistics company, we recognize our responsibility to set a good example in our industry and assume a pioneering role in sustainability. That's why we are reducing our carbon footprint at the source. We believe we can make a significant contribution to climate protection by working together side by side with you, our customers.

In the past few years, we at Deutsche Post and DHL have managed to achieve sustainable growth and adapt successfully to structural change. Despite higher volumes, we've actually reduced our carbon footprint in some areas. Delivery is carbon free in over 50% of our delivery districts, and we intend to increase this share to 70% by 2025.


To further improve our performance, we are stepping up investments in new technologies and processes with the medium-term goal of offering carbon-free mail and parcel service. Our action plan includes alternative transport solutions as well as new building and energy solutions. We will also continue to expand our fleet of electric vehicles. These infrastructural measures will help us achieve a targeted reduction in our carbon emissions, making our core processes more sustainable than ever before.

So how does this work in shipping?

We offer two sustainable services: GoGreen and GoGreen Plus.

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With GoGreen, transport-related emissions are compensated through investments in climate protection projects around the globe. This is referred to as offsetting. We implement this offsetting process automatically for all letter mail items and private customer parcels worldwide – at no extra charge. Business customers can opt to have this service added to their parcel shipments and advertising mail.

Find out more: dhl.de/gogreen and deutschepost.de/gogreen

GoGreen Plus avoids emissions through insetting, meaning additional reduction measures taken within our logistics networks – such as using biogas and electric trucks. Launched in 2022, this new service has since been booked by a wide range of companies wanting to join us in taking the next step in reducing carbon emissions.

Find out more: dhl.de/gogreen and deutschepost.de/gogreen

Taking action and making changes – sustainably

EUR 600 million invested in sustainability

Deutsche Post DHL’s sustainability program includes investments in e-mobility and green infrastructure amounting to EUR 600 million. We are equipping our production sites with photovoltaics, heat pumps and building automation. We consistently apply a sustainable construction concept at all our production sites.

World’s largest e-fleet

With 20,000 electric delivery vans, 12,600 e-trikes and 6,700 e-bikes, we have the largest fleet of electric commercial vehicles in the world. No other logistics company invests as much in e-mobility as we do. We will expand our e-fleet to 38,000 electric delivery vehicles and 14,000 e-trikes by 2025.

Rail transport and 400 new gas-powered trucks

To reduce carbon emissions, we use a rail transport network across Germany to ship 6% of parcels – some 10 million parcels a month in total. Our new Bahntransport rail service makes it possible for private customers in Germany to play an active role in reducing carbon emissions. In road transport, we use alternative drive systems, and in 2022 we purchased more than 100 natural gas and biogas trucks with significantly lower emissions. The fleet will include more than 400 of these trucks in the future.

Be a part of the solution!

Use the GoGreen shipping service for your WARENPOST (merchandise mail) items and help support climate protection initiatives to offset emissions:

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You can find additional information on sustainability online at
www.deutschepost.de/nachhaltigkeit or www.dhl.de/nachhaltigkeit.