Germany - Your market for eCommerce
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Is Germany the right market for your eCommerce business? In short, yes!

The German market is huge. Comprising more than 83 million people, it is the most populous in the EU and offers eCommerce brands the opportunity to attract new customers with high purchasing power.

Do Germans shop online? Absolutely.

Over 62 million Germans (nearly 85% of the country’s population) have bought at least one item online.

Studies show that they spend €2,088 each year on these purchases, the fifth highest amount in Europe. Almost 42% of e-consumers in Germany shop online every week.


  • 74% of online purchases within Germany weighed up to 2 kg
  • 75% specify DHL as delivery service provider of choice
  • 18% for climate-neutral delivery
  • 8% eCommerce growth
  • 80% smartphone penetration
  • 53% research before purchasing
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Survey shows Germans are increasingly shopping in other EU countries

A representative survey by the European Consumer Centre (ECC) Germany revealed that more than one in three people in Germany made an online purchase in another EU country in 2023. Among those under 49, the figure rises to one in two

(Source: ECC, (German only))

Important shopping dates in Germany

  • February 14: Valentine’s Day

  • March/April: Easter

  • April and October: Glamour Shopping Week

  • May 9: Mother’s Day

  • October: Cyberweek, Black Friday, Halloween

  • November 11: Singles Day

  • December 6: Saint Nicholas Day

  • December 24 to 26: Christmas

Public holidays in Germany

Also bear the following dates in mind when implementing and planning the shipment process:
ublic holidays in Germany 2024 – Dates and information ( (German only))

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