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Coming Weeks

Malaysia 20-Oct-
Postal service resumes after IT disruption: On December 4, sources indicate that Pos Malaysia has restored IT service for each mail class and type of EDI message, following an internal system shutdown. ITMATT messages are however still suffering with intermittent problems and backlogs.
Great Britain Nov-Dec Royal Mail workers may go on strike: On October 16, media sources indicated that Royal Mail staff has voted in favour of a strike likely to occur at the end of November or December. The workers plan to strike over the violation of a past agreement regarding working conditions. The exact dates for the strike have not yet been announced.
India 1-Nov-28-Mar Main runway to close for repairs: On October 7, media sources indicate that the main runway at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai will be closed from November 1 until March 28, 2020. The runway will be closed from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm local time every day except for Sundays. Expect flight disruptions during this period due to limited flight capacity.
Finland 11-Nov-
Postal workers extend strike action: On November 25, the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU extended the strike until December 22 after failed negotiations. The union expanded the scope of the ongoing strike to include clerical and sales duties at Posti service points across the country.
Finland 11-Nov-8-Dec Postal workers reject new offer: Updated media sources indicate on November 19 that the Post and Logistics Union PAU has formally rejected a proposal to end the ongoing industrial action that involves thousands of its workers. Previously, the union announced plans to extend its strike action until December 8. A new round of negotiations is set to take place on November 20 at 1 pm local time.  
Finland 11-Nov-8-Dec Postal workers extend strike action: On November 11, media sources report that workers with Finnish postal company Posti Ltd would extend their strike action starting today, November 11 until December 8. Previously, an embargo for inbound and outbound airmail had already been declared. Significant delays are likely to occur.
Finland 14-Nov-8-Dec Airmail services suspended due to strike: On November 22, Posti Ltd indicated that the Finnish postal workers’ union has announced plans to continue its ongoing strike action until December 8 with other transport unions supporting the strike. Posti Ltd is therefore suspending both inbound and outbound airmail until further notice.
Romania 27-Nov-
IT issues disrupt EDI messages: On December 4, sources indicate that C.N. Posta Romana S.A. was experiencing IT problems which impacted the generation of EDI messages for parcels, EMS, and other items. Transmission of EDI messages has normalized as of 4 pm local time on December 2.
Algeria 28-Nov Strike underway at Algerie Poste in Bejaia: Local media sources indicate that all Algerie Poste staff in the Bejaia province have been on strike since November 28 and intend to continue through December 12. Impacts on postal delivery and pick-up services should be expected.
Germany 1-Dec Transport workers may strike: Industry sources indicated on November 27 that labour union ver.di has called on workers with the forwarders and logistics association VDV to begin industrial action in Hesse on December 1 after wage negotiations ended without an agreement on November 25. The extent of the strike is not yet known but may include parts of FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services’ workforce.
Serbia 2-Dec Postal strike affects deliveries: Self-organized postal workers of Post of Serbia went on strike at the Main Postal Center Belgrade on December 2. The postal collection and delivery were not guaranteed on December 3. It was not immediately clear how long the strike would last.
United States 2-3-Dec Winter storm affects ground transportation: On December 2, media sources indicated that winter weather has significantly affected ground transportation across the US Northeast. Winter storm Ezekiel has brought heavy rainfall and snowfall causing icy driving conditions on many interstates, highways and roads. The weather is anticipated to improve through December 3.
Philippines 2-4-Dec Typhoon to cause disruption on Dec 2-3: On December 2, sources indicate that Typhoon Kammuri is likely to make landfall overnight on December 2-3. Strong winds and heavy rainfall may cause disruptions to Albay, Camarines Sur, and Catanduanes provinces in the Philippines until December 4.
France 3-Dec IT issues disrupt message generation: On December 6, La Poste indicated that the FRCDGA mail processing center has been unable to generate PREDES and PRECON messages since December 3 due to an IT issue at its Roissy hub.
Canada 3-5-Dec Winter weather affects road traffic: On December 3, media sources indicated that winter weather has significantly affected road traffic in New Brunswick province. Winter storm Ezekiel has brought heavy rainfall and snowfall, causing icy driving conditions on many interstates, highways and roads. The weather is anticipated to improve through December 5.
Philippines 3-Dec Airport closes due to approaching typhoon: Media sources reported on December 2 that Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) will be closed from 11 am to 11 pm local time on December 3 in anticipation of strong winds due to Typhoon Kammuri. Flights are expected to be severely affected during the closure period.
Philippines 3-Dec Typhoon to hit northwestern Philippines: On November 28, media sources indicated that Typhoon Kammuri, currently centered in the Phillipine Sea, is moving northwestward towards the Philippines. The storm is likely to strengthen to a Category 3 hurricane on its way to the Philippines and make landfall over the Bicol region as a Category 2 hurricane by the evening of December 3. Expect strong winds, heavy rainfall and flooding in the affected areas.
France 5-6-Dec National strike causes disruption: On December 4, La Poste indicated that a national strike on December 5 is likely to cause significant disruption to many sectors. Delays to collection and deliveries, road blocks, traffic jams, and canceled flights are to be expected.
France 5-Dec General strike to affect flights: Media sources indicated on December 3 that Air France plans to cancel 30 percent of domestic flights and 15 percent of medium-haul flights due to the upcoming general strike scheduled for December 5. Flight disruptions are anticipated at major airports including Charles de Gaulle Airport.
France 5-Dec La Poste to participate in strike on December 5: On November 19, media sources indicated that La Poste is set to participate in a nationwide general strike scheduled on December 5, which will be staged in response to proposed pension reforms. Disruptions to postal services across France should be expected throughout the day of the strike. 
France 5-Dec Transportation workers to strike nationwide: Media sources reported on October 26 that transportation workers together with the FO Transport and Logistics union and Unsa Transport union announced a nationwide strike action in France on December 5. The strike is likely to result in road blockages and disruptions on major roads and highways.
France 7-Dec Truckers plan to block border crossings: Media sources indicated that the Organisation des transporteurs routiers et européens (OTRE) has called for border blockades across France from December 7 over higher transport costs. In particular, the border crossing at Perthus in southern France is likely to be affected.
Madagascar 9-Dec Cyclone Belna makes landfall: Tropical Cyclone Belna, the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane, is currently located north of Madagascar and forecast to make landfall over the northwestern coast of Madagascar by the afternoon of Monday, December 9. Expect disruption to road and air transportation.
Slovenia 4-6-Jan ICT relocation disrupts message transmission: On December 6, Slovenska posta indicated that it is planning to relocate its ICT infrastructure from January 4 to January 6, 2020. No messages (PREDES/RESDES, EMSEVT, ITMATT) will be sent or received during this period.
Portugal 6-Jan Construction work to disrupt air traffic: On November 23, media sources reported that Lisbon Airport in Portugal will experience nightly closures starting January 6, 2020, due to the construction of two new rapid-exit taxiways. The airport will reportedly be closed between 11 pm to 6 am local time until the works are completed. Some airlines will reportedly have to alter routes, or have already had to cancel service, due to the closures. Additional flight disruptions should also be expected during the construction period.

Service Disruption is provided by DHL as a courtesy to its customers. DHL is not responsible and assumes no liability for any inaccuracies, which may be contained within.
This information and its composition is based on selected high quality sources. The professional research, analysis and consolidation process is carried out by Resilience360, a cloud-based supply chain risk management solution.

Past Events

Japan Oct-19-Nov Processing of air mail resumes: On November 19, Japan Post indicated that the backlog at Narita International Airport in Tokyo has been cleared and that inbound airmail handling has normalized. Severe delays of e-commerce packages have been reported since October 2019.
Chile 20-Oct-18-Nov Postal operations normalize after protests: On November 19, CorreosChile indicated that all postal operations have resumed on November 18 after experiencing delays in the processing and delivery of inbound and outbound postal items due to social and political unrest.
Germany 20-Oct-8-Nov Strike to cause air traffic disruption: On November 4, cabin crew labor union UFO announced a nationwide strike at Lufthansa across Germany for November 7 and 8, which will likely affect all departing Lufthansa flights from the country. The national, European and global flight schedules of the company might experience significant disruptions if the strike goes ahead as planned.
Italy 6-8-Nov Petrol station workers begin 2-day strike: Media sources indicate that petrol station workers have begun a nationwide strike at 6 am local time on November 6, affecting road and motorway facilities throughout Italy. The two-day work stoppage may lead to long queues at opened stations, associated traffic congestion and fuel shortages.
Hong Kong 8-25-Nov Postal operations resume: On November 25, Hongkong Post indicated that postal operations are back to normal after severe disruptions to postal operations due to public events.
Hong Kong 8-Nov Protests disrupt postal operations: On November 8, Hongkong Post indicated that it has been experiencing disruption to postal operations due to public events. The processing and delivery of all inbound, outbound and local mail have been severely disrupted since November 8.
India 8-Nov Tropical cyclone to cause disruption: Media sources report that a tropical cyclone named Bulbul has formed in the Bay of Bengal and is moving towards West Bengal and Odisha states. Reports suggested that Odisha is likely to experience strong winds on November 8. Associated heavy to very heavy downpour and high waves are also expected in the coastal area, affecting road and air transportation. The storm is expected to intensify into a very severe tropical storm on November 9.
Finland 11-27-Nov Postal workers end strike: Posti Ltd reports on November 27 that the postal workers strike, which had started on November 11, has been called off. All postal operations across Finland are expected to normalize throughout November 27.
Slovenia 11-13-Nov Postal workers end strike: On November 13, postal workers at Posta Slovenije ended a two-day strike action after reaching an agreement with management on November 12. The strike reportedly disrupted postal services throughout Slovenia.
Spain 11-Nov
Protesters block La Jonquera border crossing: On November 11, protesters have halted cross-border traffic by blocking the AP-7 highway and the national route near the La Jonquera border crossing between Spain and France. The blockade has resulted in traffic congestion, impacting movements in both directions of the highway.
Brazil 11-Nov Heavy rain disrupts airport operations: On November 11, heavy rain in the area of Rio de Janeiro has led to the temporary suspension of all flight takeoffs from Santos Dumont Airport. Landslides have been reported in the area and flooding of some rivers is expected as rains are forecast to intensify.
Australia 11-Nov Severe weather affects postal service: Australia Post reports on November 11 that severe weather with bushfires in regional New South Wales has been impacting the collection and delivery of all mail products to postcode areas 2424, 2427, 2428, 2429, 2430, 2443, 2446. Postal flows in and out of Australia are also likely to be impacted.
Finland 11-24-Nov Postal worker strike to start on November 11: Posti Ltd indicated on November 7 that the Finnish postal workers’ union will likely start a strike action from November 11-24. Some transport trade unions have also announced their support for the strike, and members of the aviation trade union plan to target mail handling at airports. Posti will therefore suspend both inbound and outbound airmail. Expect delays in the delivery of letter post, parcel post and EMS items.
Slovenia 11-Nov Postal workers plan to go on strike: Media sources indicated on October 30 that postal workers of Posta Slovenije together with the Postal Union of Slovenia plan to go on strike on November 11 due to unresolved claims regarding additional staff and salary increases.
Finland 11-24-Nov Union announces strike action: Sources indicate on October 23 that Logistics Union PAU has announced an industrial action at the Finnish Post starting at 6 am local time on November 11 until 12 om on November 24. The strike is due to long-running collective bargaining negotiations on employment terms for parcel-sorting employees.
Israel 12-18-Nov Postal services resume: On November 18, Israel Postal Company indicated that all postal services are back to normal. The company has previously experienced interruptions and delays in operations due to the security situation in the southern and central regions since November 12.
Israel 12-Nov Postal disruption reported in Israel: The Israel Postal Company on November 12 reported interruptions and delays in the distribution and collection of mail (letter-post, parcels and EMS items) in the south and centre of Israel due to the security situation in those regions.
Chile 12-Nov Airport workers join national strike: On November 12, it was reported that workers of the Santiago Airport will join the national strike called for November 12. Delays to air mail handling and customs clearance processes should be expected.
13-15-Nov Postal operations resume: On November 18, LibanPost indicated that all postal operations returned to normal on November 15 after being disrupted due to ongoing protests and demonstrations in the country.
Lebanon 13-Nov Demonstrations affect postal operations: On November 13, LibanPost indicated that its postal operations have been disrupted due to evening protests and demonstrations in various cities of Lebanon. Several roads have been blocked and operations at the office of exchange suspended. Expect delays in the processing and delivery of all postal items.
Great Britain 14-Nov Flooding still disrupts ground transportation: The Hongkong Post indicated on September 25 that postal services have normalized following protests and road blockades since September 21.
Great Britain 14-Nov Flooding affects ground transportation: On November 18, media sources indicate that flooding has been impacting parts of Central England since November 14. Multiple roads are flooded in the region and the towns most impacted include Barnsley, Sheffield, Rotherham, and Doncaster. More rainfall is expected in the coming days, possibly exacerbating conditions.
Algeria 19-Nov Postal workers go on strike: French-language sources indicated on November 19 that workers with Algerie Poste in Said have begun a daily sit-in strike action over unfair working conditions. Disruptions to postal services in the area should be expected for the duration of the strike.
Philippines 19-Nov Tropical storm to hit northern Philippines: Media sources indicate that Tropical Storm Kalmaegi (locally known as Ramon) is forecast to make a landfall in the northern Philippines on the afternoon of November 19. Flooding and landslides are already being reported across the Bicol Region, Albay provinces and Camarines Sur. Further heavy rainfall and strong winds are expected in the coming days.
Zimbabwe 20-22-Nov Severe weather to cause disruption: Widespread heavy rain and flood warnings have been issued for Manicaland, Matabeleland South, Masvingo provinces and southern areas of Midlands province in Zimbabwe for November 20 until November 22. Potential impacts on ground transportation should be expected.
Australia 21-Nov Staffing issues impact services: On November 21, Australia Post indicated that staffing issues at airport services provider DNATA will likely impact transport service performance for all mail products into Melbourne in November. DNATA provides ground and charter handling, as well as warehouse and mail handling in Australia.
Colombia 21-Nov Airport personnel to join nationwide strike: Media sources indicate that the Civil Aviation Workers Union will join a nationwide strike in Colombia on November 21. At least half of the union’s 3,000 members, including air traffic personnel, technicians, aeronautical information and administrative personnel, are expected to participate in the strike, beginning with a rally between 6 am and 10 am local time.
France 25-Nov Severe flooding affects road traffic: On November 25, media sources report that severe flooding following heavy rainfall has affected road traffic across southeastern France. Multiple roads are reportedly inundated with water, creating transportation disruptions in various cities, including Le Muy, Roquebrune-sur-Argens, Draguignan and Nice. Additionally, Cannes Mandelieu and La Mole/St Tropez airports are said to be closed until further notice.
Mexico 28-Nov Severe flooding affects road traffic: Media sources are reporting that flooding following heavy rainfall has caused significant road traffic disruptions across Sinaloa State and Baja California in Mexico since November 28. In particular, roads in Mazatlan and Tijuana are being affected. No timeline as to when the situation will normalize was immediately provided.
France 28-Nov Protestors to block Belgian-French border: On November 27, media sources reported that blockages on Belgian-French border crossings are expected from 5 am local time onwards on November 28. The FNTR and OTRE unions previously announced plans to block several highways with heavy trucks, including the E19 highway near Hensies, the A27/E42 highway near Tournai, and the A22/E17 highway near Rekkem. Severe disruptions to cross-border traffic should be expected as long as the blockages persist.
Kenya 30-Nov Floods disrupt road movements: Roads across the Kenyan capital Nairobi have been inundated by flash floods and heavy rainfall on November 30. Affected roads include sections of the Thika Super Highway. Expect delays in pick-up and delivery services.

Service Disruption is provided by DHL as a courtesy to its customers. DHL is not responsible and assumes no liability for any inaccuracies, which may be contained within.
This information and its composition is based on selected high quality sources. The professional research, analysis and consolidation process is carried out by Resilience360, a cloud-based supply chain risk management solution.

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