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The Observer informs you about current international events that might affect your  international letter or packet shipments.

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Argentina 1-Jun-31-Aug TUC – Airport in Tucumán to Close for Maintenance Work:
The Teniente General Benjamín Matienzo International Airport (TUC) in Tucumán will be closed because of scheduled maintenance works.  
Flights to and from the airport will be diverted to airports such as Termas de Río Hondo Airport in Santiago del Estero.
Portugal 01-02-Jun / 03-Jun-01-Oct Announcement of Aviation Strikes in Portugal:
The flight and ground personnel of SATA Air Acores and SATA International went on strike on June 1 and 2.
Furthermore, the Union of Aviation Workers and Airports (SITAVA) has issued a strike notice to any extraordinary work from June 03 until October 01. Further details are not yet known.
Pakistan 01-31-Jul GWD – Gwadar International Airport to Close for Runway Work:
Gwadar International Airport (GWD, Balochistan province) will be closed for runway expansion work.   
All flights to and from the airport will be suspended during the period.
Uzbekistan 1-31-Jul SKD – Samarkand International Airport to Close for Runway:
Samarkand International Airport (SKD) will be closed for runway reconstruction.
Uzbekistan Airways will be operating no flights to the airport during this period.
Canada 12-Jul British Columbia – Postal Disruptions in British Columbia:
Forest fires are still affecting mail and parcel delivery in certain communities in British Columbia.  
For detailed information regarding affected areas and current alerts, please refer to Canada Post's website.
France 13-18-Jul HOP! – Pilot Strike at HOP! Airline Postponed:
The strike by pilots at HOP! Air France, scheduled from 3-8 July, has been postponed until 13-18 July to allow more time for negotiations.

China, Vietnam 17-Jul Tropical Storm Talas Hits China and Vietnam:
Tropical Storm Talas has caused considerable devastations in China and Vietnam.
In southern China, severe property damages occurred in the province of Hainan.
In Vietnam, the storm made landfall in Nghe An province, causing severe flooding as well as significant disruption to flight, ferry and road traffic in central and northern Vietnam, including the capital Hanoi. 

Croatia, Montenegro 17-Jul Wildfires in Croatia and Montenegro:
Several wildfires are currently raging along the Adriatic coast.
Affected areas
Croatia: Istria, Sibenik-Knin, and Split-Dalmatia counties  
Montenegro: Herceg Novi and Podgorica municipalities
Please be prepared for traffic disruptions in the affected areas.
United Kingdom 17-Jul LGW – Flight Disruptions at London Gatwick Airport:
Gatwick Airport's main runway was temporarily closed after a plane's tire burst on takeoff.
This resulted in flight cancellations and considerable delays lasting for hours; some flights were diverted to other airports.
Turkey 18-Jul Istanbul – Weather-Related Traffic Chaos in Istanbul:
Heavy rainfall has caused floods in Istanbul, inundating roads, underpasses, buildings, and subway lines and causing havoc in the city.
The district of Silivri was one of the worst-hit areas. Other affected provinces include Bursa, Yalova, Duzce, Zonguldak, Bartin, Kocaeli and Sakarya.
The Eurasia Tunnel was temporarily closed to traffic.
United Kingdom 18-Jul South – Severe Flooding in Southern England:
Torrential rain in southern England triggered flash flooding in Kent, Berkshire and Cornwall.
Coverack in Cornwall was worst affected. Flood water and debris made roads in and out of the town impassable.
Uruguay 18-Jul Constitution Day – National
Germany 19-Jul NRW – Severe Weather in North Rhine-Westphalia:
Severe weather triggered floods in several parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, inundating roads and underpasses.  
At Cologne Bonn Airport, flight operations had to be suspended for 90 minutes. There were also cancellations and delays in rail traffic.
United Kingdom 19-Jul-1-Aug British Airways – New Strike Threat at British Airways:
British Airways cabin crew members of Unite have announced further strike action.
The strike is expected to affect one in every 200 flights. According to British Airways, the airline will still be running 99.5 per cent of its fleet.
United Kingdom 19-Jul-15-Aug British Airways – Current Strike at British Airways:
Some British Airways cabin crew are to extend the current walkout which began yesterday and will last until August 1. The newly announced strike action will run from August 2 to August 15.
British Airways expects to operate virtually a full schedule but will be merging a small number of Heathrow services.
Venezuela 20-Jul Announcement of Nationwide General Strike:
In Venezuela, a 24-hour general strike has been called for July 20, which could bring much of Venezuela's economy to a  standstill. 
Colombia 20-Jul Independence Day – National
Iran 20-Jul Martyrdom of Imam Sadegh – National
Belgium 21-Jul Belgian National Day – National
Egypt 23-Jul Revolution Day – National
United States 24-Jul Utah: Pioneer Day – Regional
Venezuela 24-Jul Simón Bolívar's Birthday – National
Costa Rica 25-Jul Annexation of Guanacaste – National
Spain 25-Jul Castile-León, Canary islands, Galicia, La Rioja, Madrid, Navarre, Basque Country: St. James the Apostle – Regional
Tunisia 25-Jul Republic Day – National
Italy 26-Jul

Announcement of Aviation Strikes:
According to the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the following aviation strikes will take place in Italy:
1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

  • ENAV air traffic controllers
  • Ground handlers at Milan Linate and Malpensa airports
  • Alitalia pilots and flight attendants
Peru 28-29-Jul Independence Day – National
Spain 28-Jul Cantabria: Day of the Institutions – Regional
Ukraine 28-Jul Baptism of Kievan Rus – National
Morocco 30-Jul Throne Day – National

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Past Events

22. / 26. / 30. Jun Disruptions due to Monsoon Rain:
Heavy rain has caused flooding, landslides, power outages and flight disruptions in China, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Areas affected:
• China (since June 22): provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Anhui, Chongqing
• India (since June 26): state of Assam
• Nepal (since June 30): districts of Kaski, Mugu, Shyanja, Sindhuli, Saptari, Parbat, Terhathum, Pyuthan, Kailali
• Pakistan (since June 26): various parts, including Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces

Further disruptions during the ongoing rainy season, which is expected to last until September, are to be expected.
Canada 27-Jun-4-Jul Ottawa – Delivery Disruptions in Ottawa:
Canada Post informed about email delivery and pickup disruptions in Ottawa due to extended road closures for the Canada 150 celebrations.
Please refer to the Canada Post website for further information regarding the affected area.
1-16 Jul British Airways – New Strike by BA Cabin Staff:
British trade union Unite has called on British Airways cabin crews to stage a strike.
1-16 Jul
British Airways – Impact of Strike at British Airways:
In the course of the upcoming strike by cabin crew, British Airways has cancelled a number of long-haul flights to and from Heathrow; short-haul flights are unaffected.
All flights to and from Gatwick, London City and Stansted will operate as normal, as will the Mediterranean services to and from Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester.
France 3-Jul Transavia Airlines (Air France) – Planned Strike at Transavia Airlines Called Off:
Cabin crew at Transavia Airlines called off the strike scheduled for 03-09 July.
France 3-8-Jul Hop! – Strike Announcement at Hop! in France:
Pilots of the French regional airline Hop! have announced strike action.
Japan 4-Jul Kyushu – Typhoon Nanmadol Makes Landfall in Nagasaki:
Typhoon "Nanmadol" made landfall in Nagasaki on the island of Kyushu, grounding flights and paralyzing transport across Kyushu.
Heavy rain and potential flooding is forecast for Shikoku island and Honshu island, including the capital Tokyo. 
4-Jul Independence Day – National
Austria 5-Jul Severe Weather in Austria:
Severe weather with heavy rain and hail storms hit Carinthia, Styria and the Burgenland, causing local flooding.
Particularly affected were Styria's south-east and west and the areas of Friedberg and Pöllau as well as the areas of Wolfsberg and Völkermarkt in Carinthia. 

Republic, Slovakia
5-Jul St. Cyril and Methodius' Day – National
Italy 5-Jul Strike by Air Traffic Controllers in Italy:
The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport informs that ENAV air traffic controllers will stage a 4-hour strike.
Venezuela 5-Jul Independence Day – National
Poland 5-6-Jul Warsaw – Delivery Delays in Warsaw:
Poczta Polska informs about blocked traffic zones in Warsaw due to the visit of the US president.
During this time, limited access to postal facilities as well as delivery delays are to be expected.

6-Jul Forest Fires in Western Canada and US:
Severe forest fires have been raging in the US state of California and the Canadian province of British Columbia since last weekend.
In California, the districts of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Butte are particularly affected.
In British Columbia, the state of emergency has been declared. The Cariboo district and the area around the town of Kamloops are particularly hard hit.
Canada Post informs on their website about the suspension of mail delivery in regions due to the fires.
China 6-Jul Beijing (PEK) – Weather-Related Flight Cancellations in Beijing:
Adverse weather conditions are currently prompting flight disruptions throughout China.
Beijing Airport (PEK) was particularly affected. Several hundred flights to/from Beijing were cancelled or delayed.
Germany 6-Jul Severe Weather in Parts of Germany:
Severe weather with heavy rain hit western Hesse, the Rhineland-Palatinate and parts of North-Rhine Westphalia, causing damage and disruptions in rail and air traffic.
Frankfurt Airport (FRA) reported flight cancellations and delays due to thunderstorms.
Philippines 6-Jul Leyte – Strong Earthquake Hits the Philippines:
A strong earthquake hit the province of Leyte in the center of the island state, causing power outages and infrastructure damages.
Particularly affected is the city of Kangana.
6-Jul Jan Hus Day – National
Lithuania 6-Jul King Mindaugas' Coronation – National
6-Jul Auckland – Delivery Disruptions in Auckland:
New Zealand Post informs about expected mail delivery and pickup disruptions in Auckland due to road closures for the America's Cup parade. Please refer to the New Zealand Post website for further information regarding the affected area.
Greece 7-Jul Hellenic Post – Impact of New Customs Procedures in Greece on Postal Services:
Hellenic Post - ELTA informs that, since the end of June 2017, it has been applying new customs procedures under a new memorandum of understanding with customs authorities.
These new procedures affect both international and domestic mail collection and delivery.   
Hellenic Post will be acting as a direct representative of customs authorities. The new customs procedures, including the use of new information systems, will facilitate and improve customs clearance time.   
However, the implementation of these new procedures will require an adjustment period. It is expected that, during this adjustment period, there may be some delays in the handling of inbound postal dispatches and delivery of items subject to customs clearance.
Philippines 7-Jul Marawi City – Postal Disruptions to/from Marawi City:
The Philippine Postal Corporation informs that, owing to an ongoing armed conflict in Marawi City (province of Lanao del Sur) there could be delays in the processing of all types of mail to and from Marawi City.
Malaysia 7-Jul Penang: George Town UNESCO World Heritage Day – Regional
Poland 8-Jul Severe Weather in Poland:
Severe weather with thunderstorms and strong winds hit Poland, causing nationwide damages, power outages and disruptions in road and rail traffic.
Silesia was particularly affected.
Malaysia 8-Jul Penang: Penang Governor's Birthday – Regional
Sri Lanka 8-Jul Esala Full Moon Poya Day – National
Thailand 8-Jul Asarnha Bucha Day – National

8-9-Jul Severe Weather in Austria, Switzerland and Germany:
Severe weather with thunderstorms and strong winds hit Austria, Switzerland and Germany at the weekend, causing severe damages and flooding.
The following regions were particularly affected:
• Austria: Lower Austria (Waldviertel, Wechselgebiet, Tullner/Wiener Becken)
• Switzerland: Cantons of Aargau, Berne and Solothurn
• Germany: Lower Saxony (district of Vechta), Baden-Württemberg (Bodenseekreis, Constance and Ravensburg districts)
Argentina 9-Jul Independence Day – National
Italy 9-Jul New ATC Strike in Italy:
The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport informs that Techno Sky air traffic controllers in Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa and Monte Settepani will stage a 24-hour.
Canada 9-10-Jul Nunavut: Nunavut Day – Regional
10-Jul ORD, IAD, DCA, BWI – Flight Disruptions in the Northeast of the US:
Weather-related flight cancellations and delays were reported in the northeast of the US. Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) was particularly affected.
An evacuation of the air traffic control center in Leesburg (VA) caused temporary disruptions in flight operations at the airports Washington Dulles (IAD), Washington Ronald Reagan (DCA) and Baltimore (BWI).
Japan 10-Jul Kyushu – Persistent Severe Weather on Kyushu Island:
Torrential rain has been causing flooding, landslides and serious infrastructure damage on the island of Kyushu since last week. Streets and houses were swept away.
Particularly affected are the prefectures of Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto and Oita.
According to the weather service, further heavy rain and landslides are expected in northern Kyushu.
Please be prepared for traffic disruptions as well as delays in mail processing and delivery.
Canada 10-Jul Newfoundland and Labrador : Orangemen's Day – Regional
10-Jul Independence Day – National
Canada 11-Jul British Columbia – Delivery Delays in British Columbia:
Canada Post informs about delivery delays in the communities of 108 Mile House and Quesnel due to the prevailing forest fires.
Normal delivery will resume once the conditions improve and it is safe to do so.
Belgium 11-Jul Flanders: Flemish Community Day – Regional
United States 11-13-Jul JFK, LGA, EWR, PHL – Strike by Airport Workers in New York and Philadelphia:
According to media reports, airport workers at John F. Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA), Newark (EWR) and Philadelphia (PHL) airports have announced immediate strike measures.
The strike action commenced in greater New York at 9 p.m. on July 11. Airport workers in Philadelphia will participate from 9 a.m. on July 12.
The strike is expected to continue at least until July 13. 

United States

Weather-Related Flight Disruptions in Canada and the US:
Adverse weather conditions have prompted massive flight disruptions at Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD). More than 1900 flights from/to the airport were cancelled or delayed.
Further severe flight cancellations and delays were reported at the following airports:

  • New York LaGuardia (LGA)
  • Newark (EWR)
  • Miami (MIA)
  • John F. Kennedy International (JFK)
  • Toronto (YYZ)
  • Boston Logan International (BOS)
12-Jul Weather-Related Delivery Delays in New Zealand:
New Zealand Post informs about limited deliveries in certain areas due to severe winter conditions in the South Island and Central/Lower parts of the North Island.
Affected are the following products: Priority Courier/Mail, Economy Courier, Standard Mail.
Please refer to the New Zealand Post website regarding details and status updates.
United Kingdom 12-Jul Northern Ireland: Battle of the Boyne / Orangemen's Day – Regional
12-Jul New York, Philadelphia, Denver – Strike by Airport Workers in New York, Philadelphia and Denver:
Strike action by airport workers at John F. Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA), Newark (EWR) and Philadelphia (PHL) airports has been suspended to continue negotiations.
Meanwhile, airport workers (baggage handling, service workers) at Denver International Airport (DEN) had announced to stage a strike on July 12.
Italy 12-Jul ATC Strike in Italy Rescheduled:
The air traffic controllers' strike, which was announced for May 28, was postponed to July 12, and will take place from 13 p.m. - 17 p.m.
Italy 13-Jul Severe Forest Fires in Southern Italy:
Several large wildfires are currently blazing across Italy, most of them in southern regions.
Affected are: Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, Sardinia.
Please be prepared for traffic disruptions in the affected areas.
13-Jul Weather-Related Traffic Disruptions in New Zealand:
The prevailing winter weather with heavy snowfall and strong winds has prompted closures of highways as well as flight and ferry service disruptions.
Wellington International Airport (WLG) has been reporting flight cancellations and delays over the past few days.
Please refer to the New Zealand Post website regarding impacts on postal operations.

LGA, EWR, JFK, BOS – Weather-Related Flight Disruptions in the Northeast of the US:
Adverse weather conditions continue to impact flight operations in the northeast of the US.
On July 13, the following airports were particularly impacted by flight cancellations and delays:

  • New York LaGuardia (LGA)
  • Newark (EWR)
  • John F. Kennedy International (JFK)
  • Boston Logan International (BOS)
Montenegro 13-14-Jul Statehood Day – National
Australia 14-Jul Melbourne – Delivery Delays in Melbourne:
Australia Post informs about disrupted mail and parcel delivery in north-western Melbourne on July 14 due to the Coolaroo recycling plant fire.
Canada 14-Jul British Columbia – Ongoing Forest Fires in British Columbia:
Due to the wildfires ongoing across the province of British Columbia, thousands of evacuations have again been ordered, including the entire city of Williams Lake.
Authorities have closed public access to Lac la Hache, Horse, Watson and Williams Lake. Roads across the province may be subject to short-notice closure or restrictions.  
Canada Post reports on delivery delays in Quesnel and Princeton as of July 14.
France 14-Jul Bastille Day – National
Peru 14-Jul Cusco – Strike-Related Traffic Disruptions in Peru:
The German Foreign Office informs about current strike-related road and rail traffic disruptions in the Cusco region.
Also, flight disruptions at Cusco Airport (CUZ) are expected.
Lithuania 14-Jul-17-Aug Vilnius (VNO) – Temporary Closure of Vilnius International Airport (VNO):
Vilnius International Airport (VNO) will be temporarily closed due to construction work at the runway.
During this time, 14 out of 16 airlines will redirect traffic to Kaunas Airport (KUN).
Brunei Darussalam 15-Jul The Sultan's Birthday – National
Bolivia 16-Jul La Paz: La Paz Day – Regional
Brunei Darussalam 16-Jul Quran Revelation Day – National
Chile 16-Jul Lady Carmen Day – National
Japan 17-Jul Sea Day – National

Service Disruption is provided by DHL as a courtesy to its customers. DHL is not responsible and assumes no liability for any inaccuracies, which may be contained within.
This information and its composition is based on selected high quality sources. The professional research, analysis and consolidation process is carried out by DHL Control Tower / Qensio.