The German consumer – understanding Europe’s most powerful buyers

How can you best reach consumers in one of Europe’s most dynamic e-commerce markets? New research suggests social media is important, but traditional communication channels should not be underestimated. We take a look at the consumer habits of Germans and the most effective ways of reaching them.

There’s much more to Germany than the standard stereotypes of beer, lederhosen and fast cars. From the cool north coast to the picturesque Alpen south, there are distinct regional differences across the land. But one thing that unites the country is a growing interest in online shopping.

In the past six months, 64% of Germans have made an online purchase, putting the country in fourth place among Europe’s top e-commerce nations, behind the UK, Denmark and Luxembourg. The most popular products they buy online are clothing, electronics, and (e)books, with shoes and computer products not far behind.

Now’s the time to reach the Germans

Now is a particularly good time to reach out to German consumers. Research group GfK says the country's population is looking to the future with a “strong sense of confidence.” In the September index, German consumer confidence rose for the fifth straight month, hitting its highest level since October 2001.

Statistics about customers behaviour

As the biggest consumer market in Europe, with the highest total purchasing power, Germany is an attractive market for companies from all over the world. But what’s the best way to reach German consumers?

Dialogue marketing is an extremely effective way. It builds a solid bridge into the country, bringing businesses closer to German customers. And it is a key part of the marketing mix in Germany, generating excellent response rates and brand engagement.

Physical mail is still a highlight

Germans are both internet savvy and eager to exercise their growing purchasing power. But while they embrace the digital world and a mobile lifestyle, Germans also increasingly enjoy the tangible pleasure of physical mail at their door step.

With a nationwide mail and parcel delivery network that reaches every household in the country – the largest of its kind in Europe – coupled with today’s tools for designing, targeting, monitoring and boosting marketing campaigns, there’s really no more attractive marketplace than Germany.

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