German market

How to enter and succeed in the German market

E-commerce is thriving in Europe’s largest economy, and Germans are eager to exercise their strong purchasing power. It’s the perfect time for e-commerce businesses throughout Europe and beyond to take a closer look at entering the continent’s consumer powerhouse. But how do you get across the border to meet German consumers?

One way is through direct mail – also known as dialogue marketing. It’s a key part of the marketing mix, building a solid bridge to the German market. Direct mail can be personalized and it is delivered right to the doorsteps of German consumers.

Direct mail has the potential to generate excellent response rates, brand engagement, and a healthy return on investment. It is also experiencing something of a revival in Germany. As German lifestyles become increasingly digital, consumers enjoy finding something tangible in their mailboxes. It’s rarer these days and it makes them feel appreciated, starts a physical dialogue, and creates a positive perception of your brand.

Understand your market

But before you can build that bridge, you have to know what’s on the other side – to understand the German market and its consumers. For example, what are the most popular e-commerce products or what motivates Germans to look beyond their borders? Then you need to know what building materials to use. What are the best methods for reaching your target audience or what can you do to boost your campaign and ensure it succeeds?

We’ve published a white paper to answer these questions – to provide insight into the German market and share how dialogue marketing can connect you to consumers, raise your brand awareness, and ultimately increase your sales and revenue.

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