It’s all in there – the hidden value inside international packets

The IPC cross-border e-commerce shopper survey 2016 showed that a large part of international cross-border shipping is light weight. But most online retailers continue to ship their products, such as books and other merchandise, as parcels – even those items under two kilograms. This is presumably because of the additional services that come with this costlier shipping method, such as online track & trace, insurance and returns management.

That is changing as more and more e-commerce logistics managers are discovering the hidden value of international packets, which are more economical but do come with some valued added services.

So, what are international packets? Lightweight shipments up to 2 kilograms with a maximum girth of 90 centimeters and maximum length per side of 60 centimeters can be sent as packets using international postal services. If you regularly send parcels that meet these requirements, you may be missing out on this simple, affordable and reliable product.


We like to say that sending an international packet is as easy as sending a letter. That’s because of simple and standardized processes, which make it easy for you to prepare your packets and easy for us to send them. Shipping your goods as international packets can save you time and money.


If you’re in the online retail business, you spend a lot of money on logistics – arguably the most important part of your business. Sending your merchandise through the mail is typically more affordable than other shipping methods. International packets travel through well-established postal delivery networks with mail carriers who likely visit your customers’ doorsteps every day – and may even know them by name.


That’s also one reason why sending international packets is reliable. Perhaps you’ve heard the old post office slogan: “neither rain nor shine, nor snow nor sleet.” The mail must get through. Plus, postal services are standardized in many places around the world, making it easy to ship with one shipping label and avoiding complex customs clearance processes.


Many logistics managers don’t realize that international packets can be tracked. Though not as sophisticated as express parcel services, track & trace options are available, giving you visibility over your shipments. Other added value services include value protection, preparation and returns handling. And in many cases there are online tools available to manage it all.

Light-weight items represent a large portion of cross-border shipping. I highly recommend looking into the potential benefits international packets could bring to your business. You’ll find more helpful information here on our website or in our Deutsche Post Packet Services brochure.