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Packets by the pint – international deliveries made easy

International shipping doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as effortless and commonplace as mailing a letter. Here’s why.


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German christmas decoration

Why Germans go shopping crazy for Christmas and how online retailers can take advantage.

Christmas in Germany is jam packed full of traditions and festivities. So many in fact that the country’s festive season lasts well over a month, from the beginning of December until the first week of January. Understanding what drives German consumers this time of year can mean an early Christmas gift for online retailers too.

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Deutsche Post International? Your questions answered.

Deutsche Post is known for being Germany’s postal service and Europe’s largest. But people ask me all the time what we’re doing in the UK or France or the Netherlands? Here are some answers to the questions I receive most.


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Man writing a letter
The German consumer

The German consumer – understanding Europe’s most powerful buyers

How can you best reach consumers in one of Europe’s most dynamic e-commerce markets? New research suggests social media is important, but traditional communication channels should not be underestimated. We take a look at the consumer habits of Germans and the most effective ways of reaching them.

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How to enter and succeed in the German market

Why is now a perfect time for e-commerce businesses to enter the German market? And how do you cross the border and connect with German consumers? Our latest white paper introduces you to the German market and the wealth of opportunity that awaits you.


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It’s all in there – the hidden value inside international packets

International packets are an important part of any e-commerce logistics toolbox. Why? They are an economical and reliable shipping solution. Discover the benefits you might be missing out on.


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5 ways to reach and engage your target audience

What is one of the best ways to connect to potential customers in Germany? Direct mail. But how do you ensure your campaigns truly resonate with your audience? Here are 5 ways to make your direct mail stand out from the crowd.


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3 ways to improve your response management

Not getting results from your mailings? Measuring and understanding the response to your campaign is vital for any effective dialogue marketing campaign. There are many tools that can help. Here are 3 you need to know about.


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New Dialogue Marketing products

Learn more about our new and improved dialogue marketing offering and experience how Deutsche Post can support your marketing campaigns in Germany.

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