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Deutsche Post International? Your questions answered.

By Thomas Hauck

Deutsche Post is known for being Germany’s postal service and Europe’s largest. But people ask me all the time what we’re doing in the UK or France or the Netherlands? Here are some answers to the questions I receive most.

When many of the people I meet hear the words “Deutsche Post” they immediately think “the German postal service.” Many are also familiar with our brand’s yellow and black colors and historic post horn logo. That’s not surprising when you think that Deutsche Post is Europe’s largest postal company. In Germany, we deliver about 59 million letters every working day with a nationwide network that reaches every one of the country’s 44 million households.

But many people I talk to, including potential customers, are surprised to find out that Deutsche Post operates outside Germany. That we carry mail and light-weight merchandise shipments across borders and provide international dialogue marketing services. After the surprise wears off, I typically know what they’re going to ask next.

It’s about e-commerce

Why? My answer: Why not? We are an e-commerce specialist – and that sector is booming. In today’s digital marketplaces, it’s now easier than ever to sell products internationally. The barriers to market entry have never been fewer, which means small and medium sized businesses are increasingly getting into the game as well. The volume of cross-border merchandise shipments has exploded in recent years and the trend continues to point upward.

Deutsche Post International is uniquely positioned to seize upon this opportunity and generate new business around Europe. As part of Deutsche Post DHL Group, we bring worldwide experience in e-commerce logistics and an international network powerful enough to handle any supply chain.

What’s more, e-commerce markets are complex and dynamic, making them difficult for even the most successful companies to navigate. Delivering your products reliably and on time will turn new customers in foreign markets into returning customers.

Man writing a letter

Go where your customers are

Many people assume our international business is all outbound – meaning from Germany. That’s why I sometimes get asked why we need to have offices around Europe, such as in Austria, Benelux, France, the Nordics, the United Kingdom and Switzerland? The answer is simple: to be close to our customers.

We serve key European mail markets, offering international shipping and dialogue marketing services and developing tailor-made international solutions for businesses in the growing e-commerce sector. We’re dedicated to supporting European companies and have an international team of specialists to work with them on location and in their language. It simply makes good business sense to go where our customers are in order to customize solutions that meet their specific needs.

For business customers in Europe

Here’s another question I’ve heard from friends and family: How can I mail a letter with you? And here’s my answer: I’m afraid you can’t, unless you have a big pile of them. Our services are intended for companies sending large volumes of letters, magazines, direct mail and low-weight parcels to international destinations.


There’s a good reason for this. The value we add lies in our ability to save customers shipping large volumes of mail or merchandise time and money so they can focus on their core business. Higher volumes allow us to pool and streamline shipments to international destinations, which simplifies the process and reduces costs.

So that is Deutsche Post International. As cross-border e-commerce increases, we have taken our expertise over the border to help European businesses succeed.

If you’d like to learn more, please check out our international deliver services.If you’d like to learn more, please check out our international deliver services.