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WARENPOST – the easy, affordable solution for shipping small goods

Send goods, items & product samples as a business customer

Now less gets more - the ideal shipping solution for small goods

Whether sunglasses, flower seeds or gardening gloves: many products are smaller than you think. For frequent shippers, Warenpost is the perfect, convenient solution – especially if your goods have to reach customers quickly, reliably and affordably too. 

The benefits for you and your customers:

  • Affordable shipping solution for small goods
  • Fast transit times: generally next-day delivery
  • Shipment tracking for better transparency
  • Enhanced tracking via new delivery scan
  • Item notification, preferred location with preferred neighbour included

Dimensions & weight

  • Minimum dimensions: length 10.0 cm, width 7.0 cm, height 0.1 cm
  • Maximum dimensions: length 35.3 cm, width 25.0 cm, height 5.0 cm
  • Maximum weight: 1,000 g

This is how Warenpost works

This is how Warenpost works!

Transit time

Items usually reach their recipient the next working day and can be posted from Monday through Saturday.


Warenpost can be posted in Germany at Deutsche Post offices or bulk mail acceptance points.

A special collection service is available for customers with more than 6,000 items per year.


Delivery of Warenpost items is always documented by the deliverer, including the delivery of notified items to a Deutsche Post retail outlet, to one of the numerous Packstations or to a P.O. box. Delivery via the Filiale Direkt service is not possible.

Delivery options

Delivery options such as preferred location, preferred neighbor and item notification can also be added.

Prepare Warenpost online!

The dispatch of goods by Warenpost is already offered by many of our premium partners via their website. This means that this Warenpost is ready for use for you with immediate effect. You can obtain further information directly from our premium partners.


Premium partner

Shipping logistic

Premium partner

Order processing & merchandise management


Bookable Services

Design your dispatch of Warenpost flexibly according to your requirements as well as the wishes of your customers!