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Delivery solutions for European business customers

  • Send business mail reliably
  • Successful dialogue marketing tools
  • Affordable dispatch of goods

Enjoy more Success in eCommerce to Germany!

Correct addresses right when typing them in during the checkout process. Automatic completition of postal data with DATAFACTORY AUTOCOMPLETE.


Go the green way with us!

At Deutsche Post & DHL, we are taking a consistent approach to our goal of climate friendliness. To this end, we have launched a new Germany-wide sustainability initiative.

International delivery services

Integration: Simple and straightforward IT system set up

Simple and straightforward IT system set up 

  • Friendly and flexible support team to help you get started
  • Integration channels to suit your individual needs
  • State-of-the-art services and technology

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Piktogramm Service

A perfect solution for all your shipments into Europe


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