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Delivery solutions for European business customers

  • Send business mail reliably
  • Successful dialogue marketing tools
  • Affordable dispatch of goods

Vouchers increase the effect of print mailings

Print mailings are highly effective advertising media: The CMC Print Mailing Study 2022 once again confirms the efficiency of direct mail.


Go the green way with us!

At Deutsche Post & DHL, we are taking a consistent approach to our goal of climate friendliness. To this end, we have launched a new Germany-wide sustainability initiative.

International delivery services

For this year peak traffic time we would like to inform you about the following opening/closing times!

For international postal center (IPZ) in Frankfurt:

  • IPZ closed: 24.12. from 15 pm CET until 27.12. at 06 am CET - deliveries on 26.12. only possible by arrangement (holiday driving ban)
  • IPZ closed: 31.12. from 15 pm CET until 02.01.2022 at 06 am CET - deliveries on 01.01. only possible by arrangement (holiday driving ban)

For international postal center (IPZ II) in Niederaula:

  • IPZ closed: 24 Dec to 26 Dec and reopens on 27 Dec at 07 am CET
  • IPZ closed: 31 Dec. and 01 Jan. 23 and reopens on 02 Jan 23 at 07 am CET

Integration: Simple and straightforward IT system set up

Simple and straightforward IT system set up 

  • Friendly and flexible support team to help you get started
  • Integration channels to suit your individual needs
  • State-of-the-art services and technology

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Piktogramm Service

A perfect solution for all your shipments into Europe


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