3 ways to improve your response management

You've analyzed your audience, tested your message and paid for an expensive campaign, but you're still not satisfied with the results. How can you improve? Measuring and understanding the response is vital for any effective dialogue marketing campaign. If you want to ensure a good return on investment, you need to create highly effective campaigns. The more targeted those campaigns, the higher the ROI and the better your cost per order.

Performance response measurement and analysis can help you define goals, measure the response and improve your success rate. Response management tools will ensure you identify which campaigns pay off for which target segment. Here are 3 tools you need to know about.

1. Response analysis via Post Direkt or Marketing Intelligence

Response analysis helps you work out the best ways to target specific groups and optimize dialogue marketing campaigns. One aspect is location planning, which allows you to assess market areas for their customer potential. Another aspect is customer loss analyses, which helps you identify customers likely to cancel and make them individual offers to ensure their loyalty. The result: access to meaningful customer data and increased transparency in your customer relationships.

2. Personalized campaigns and landing pages

Personalized URL's allow you to make your landing page content unique to each visitor and also make it much easier for recipients to contact you directly. When they use the PURL from a mailing, all their details are already filled out. PURL’s can also be changed and updated as needed, creating an easy way to keep people coming back for new content. Personalized URL's can even help you track and measure the customer’s every online move, uniting the online and offline worlds.

3. Digital address checks and mail returns management

This will help improve your address database, which is a crucial part of optimizing your future campaigns. These services make it possible to check your mailing items at the recipient’s mailbox, making sure you get the latest status on address information. This keeps your database up-to-date and reduces the cost of undeliverable mail.

Of course, the ultimate sign of a successful campaign is a sale and a happy customer. But for your business to be successful, you need to make a decent ROI. Take these tips on board and you’re on course to see a better response rate as well as a healthier return on your investment.