CMC Print Mailing Study 2024

How the limitation of coupons influences the success of print-mailing campaigns


CMC Print Mailing Study 2024 - Limitation as a Performance-driver:

How limiting vouchers affects the success of print mailing Campaigns

Print mailings are an effective advertising medium with high impulse power - even in times when consumers are less inclined to buy. Those who make targeted use of limited-edition vouchers can even boost the impulse to buy in the short term. This is the result of the focus topic of the current CMC Print Mailing Study. It once again provides the market with important figures, data and facts for eCommerce.

Key points at a glance:

In 2024, print mailings to existing customers of online shops achieved an average conversion rate (CVR) of 4.3% across all test variants. The analysis of QR code scans shows that 14% of the print mailing recipients from the existing customer base visited the advertised online shop.

Print mailings lead to higher shopping cart values: existing customers who receive a print mailing spend on average 10% more on their order than on their previous order.

The return on advertising spend (ROAS) is 872%. This means that for an average shopping cart of 94 euros (before returns), every euro spent on print mailings generates 8.72 euros in revenue.

Coupons with limitations set a strong impulse. Within their limitations and durations, they can significantly increase the CVR – by up to 80% compared to the base variant.

Over the entire study period of more than four months, the base variant of the coupon without limitation performs best. Young target groups also use print mailings: A segmentation of the CVR by age groups shows that the conversion rate among 20 to 29-yearolds is only marginally lower than among 50 to 59-year-olds.

Print mailings are most effective when they are sent not too long after a purchase. The more frequently a customer shops at an online store, the more effective activating print mailings are.

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