Vouchers increase the effect of print mailings

Print mailings are highly effective advertising media: The CMC Print Mailing Study 2022 once again confirms the efficiency of direct mail.

CMC Print Mailing Study 2022 - Activating Long-Term Customers

Print advertising benefits from digitalisation - we show you why print is needed in today's marketing mix and how coupons increase the advertising impact of print mailings.

Key results:

  • 4.7 % conversion rate: print mailings work to re-activate existing customers. A mailing to inactive customers re-engages an average of 4.75% after just one mailing!
  • Success driver: Using higher coupon values increased CVR by an average of 61 %.
  • 734 % RoAS: Print mailings achieve a very high advertising yield.  
  • Long-term impact: – 51% of customers who received the mailing went on to make a purchase as long as 5 weeks after receiving the mailing – a combination of emails sent, before and after the mailing arrived prompted the customer to make use of the offer and significantly increased the campaigns conversion rate.

The study pays particular attention to the role of coupons. Which works better: percentage or monetary coupon values? High or low coupon values? And how do vouchers actually influence the shopping cart? The CMC Print Mailing Study 2022 provides answers to these and many other questions. The answers are sometimes surprising: for example, it shows that the voucher offer is one of the strongest performance levers for print mailing campaigns. In some cases, online stores were even able to triple their conversion rate with the right coupon.

The CMC Print Mailing Study 2022 is published by Collaborative Marketing Club - CMC in cooperation with Deutsche Post. 43 online retailers took part in the study. The study ran between October 5, 2021 and February 28, 2022. 

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