International mailings: 'local look' or easy dispatch

Easy dispatch

When you want to focus on your campaign instead of your mail dispatch, let us support you. We make sure the preparation of your international dialogue marketing campaigns are as easy as can be.

  • Send your mailings globally
  • Simple and easy preparation of your mailing items

'local look'

The right look and feel can be very important to make a lasting impression. That’s why we support you in sending your international dialogue marketing campaigns with a 'local look' to a wide variety of countries, strengthening your international presence and increasing your customers' trust.

  • Sending your campaigns with a 'local look' strengthens your international presence
  • Increase your customers’ trust in your business by using a 'local look'

Easy dispatch of your international Dialogue Marketing campaigns

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If you are looking for the cost efficient way to have your mailings or catalogues delivered to your customers worldwide, use our standard service. With Deutsche Post you save time and effort.

  • Mailings or catalogues up to 2 kg in standard sizes
  • One label for all destinations


The quicker way to have your international mailings delivered: our priority service. Deutsche Post sends your mailings and catalogues to your customers fast!

  • Mailings or catalogues up to 2 kg in standard sizes
  • One label for all destinations

Mailings with the 'local look' – to selected countries

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Addressed Direct

Take advantage of Deutsche Post’s international network to send your addressed Dialogue Marketing campaigns to several countries reliably and cost efficiently.

  • Deliver your marketing campaigns directly to your customers
  • Benefit from our access to cost-effective networks in selected destinations

Unaddressed Direct

Ship unaddressed advertising material to selected countries for a cost-effective way of communicating with your international target groups.

  • Build on your target groups with effective campaigns
  • Advertise in pre-selected regions or cities

Reply Direct

Use Reply Direct to achieve higher response rates for your dialogue marketing campaigns. Your customers can easily reply to your advertising campaigns by using the classical response elements in the respective countries.

  • Cost efficient PO box solutions available in target countries
  • Encourage an immediate response from your customers

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