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Your direct link to German customers

As the postal service for Germany, Deutsche Post has exclusive access to the country’s foremost postal network and knows who resides at every address.


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Germany addressed

DIALOGPOST is a very powerful addressed dialogue marketing medium based on a targeted, personalized approach. Maximize your response rate by closely defining your target group and sending tailored offers directly to your customers.

Use specific addresses from the Deutsche Post address database, your own database or a combination of both. DIALOGPOST is an easy-to-use and reliable solution for when you want to:

  • Send written communication and documents including free samples, product samples, promotional items and inserts
  • Easily prepare the dispatch of your mailing campaigns with our simple software tool
  • Optimize the efficiency of your online campaigns by combining them with ADRESSDIALOG
  • Accompany your customers throughout their journey with the Offline-Retargeting cross-channel service

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With POSTAKTUELL, you can have unaddressed advertising distributed to selected households throughout Germany. You choose whether your mailing is sent to all households or only to those with daily mail service. Items are generally delivered no later than four working days after the date of posting. Households with “Bitte keine Werbung” [No advertising please] stickers naturally do not receive any advertising mail.
Shipments with identical contents, printed matter, specimens, samples, promotional articles, etc., can be delivered with POSTAKTUELL.

With POSTAKTUELL products, you can individually adjust the target region so as to achieve more accurate and effective communication throughout Germany.

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Partially addressed

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Expand your customer base with our partially addressed service. This service enables you to find new customers by targeting households based on specific selection criteria.

With POSTWURFSPEZIAL, your campaign will reach those households that best represent your target group, meaning you can reach out to your potential consumers even without your own address database.

You benefit from:

  • Cost-effective acquisition of new customers
  • A rich array of selection criteria and combinations
  • Minimized waste coverage and costs
  • Professional processing by Deutsche Post
  • Labelling, packaging and posting, handled by an established network of more than 70 long-standing preferred partners

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Household advertising

Logo Einkaufaktuell

EINKAUFAKTUELL is ideal for placing advertisements or inserts into a free TV-magazine.

It is packaged as a sealed bundle and delivered to every household in 27 conurbations in the most densely populated parts of Germany every Saturday.

Choose between regionally and locally tailored advertisements and inserts.

Get your advertisements directly into the hands of your customers through the trusted Deutsche Post logistics network.

  • Your advertisement or insert in a free TV-magazine
  • Reach up to 20.3 million households

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Service for dialogue marketing

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