What are the costs for using Deutsche Post International API?

None! The usage of our API is free for all of our customers.

Are there any revenue or volume requirements to use the Deutsche Post International API?

No, not at all. You only need to be register, and need to have a valid commercial contract to make use of the API.

What is the response time of our API and how long will I need to wait to get my label request answered?

Single calls should be answered in milliseconds. In case you are sending parallel requests or batched requests in high volume this could sum up, nonetheless there will not be real waiting times. In case you experience delays, please get in touch with our integration experts via e-mail to to help you resolve any issues.

What is the maximum number of items per shipment via the Deutsche Post International API?

The maximum number of single items per shipment via our API is 2500.

Do I need an internet website to use the Deutsche Post International API?

No, all that is necessary for using our Deutsche Post International web service is a connection to the internet and developer resources on your side to code against it – this also works without any internet presence.

Where can I get authentication credentials for the Deutsche Post International API?

You have to be a registered user to get credentials for our Deutsche Post International API. Please let us know your customer account number via e-mail to and we will return you your individual client_id and client_secret.

Where can I log in to the Business Customer Portal?

Only registered customers can log in the Deutsche Post Customer Portal
In case you are not registered yet or a Deutsche Post customer, please contact your local customer support.

Is it allowed to pass an unique customer ID to Deutsche Post International API, which is then returned in response?

Yes, you can pass a unique customer ID by entering a “customer reference”.


Which services are offered via the Deutsche Post International Customer Portal?

From single shipment preparation to bulk/batch uploading of data and pulling your orders out of marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, our portal offers you a simple and centralized way to manage all your lightweight shipments up to 2 kg. You can generate labels as well as track and report your shipments.

Where can I find the product specifications for Deutsche Post Business Mail, Packet, Packet Tracked and Packet Plus?

Please find these information within our Service and Handling Brochure under:

Are there any label certification requirements involved with the usage of the Deutsche Post International API?

You do not need a label certification when using the Deutsche Post International API.  Labels generated by the API meet all requirements, including sufficiently high resolution to ensure good printing quality and requirements towards size and orientation.

Do I need to fill out a customs form?

Yes, if you are sending goods, gifts or commercial samples to a country outside the EU. There are two types of form, depending on the value of the items sent. Please make sure you use the correct one. CN22 is valid for items with a value up to 300 SDR. For items with a value over 300 SDR you have to  enclose a complete CN 23 customs declaration inside the shipment in addition. CN23 is not provided via API and Portal.

Do your labels already have the customs declaration form needed?

Yes! For all shipments containing goods which will be send to a non-EU destination customs data are required. These customs data will be shown on the CN22 which is an standard part of the harmonized label.  If you have to provide a CN23 customs declaration you can complete the form and enclose it into the shipment additionally. You can find the template here.

I hear that some countries require electronic customs data and an S10 barcode. Does the API help to meet these requirements?

Yes, it does! All packet labels carry a unique S10 barcode, and the content of the customs form is forwarded electronically to customs authorities via the postal operators in destination countries.

Can I print customized content like a logo, plain text or a barcode on my Deutsche Post International label via the API?

This feature will be available in a later release of our API.

What is the difference between item label and Airwaybill (AWB) label? Do both need to be printed per order?

For mail and packet products, the single items are bundled into shipments. So a shipment contains multiple items of one product, usually all items shipped on a specific day (up to a maximum of 2500). For each shipment, an Airwaybill (AWB) is required as a transport document. It contains information such as customer account number (EKP), product, total weight and item count.

An item label is what you need to label a single letter or packet. It is a product-specific printable document containing the recipient address as well as Printed Postage Impressions (PPI) and if necessary a customs declaration form.

Yes, both need to be printed. Even if you would only ship a single item, you would still need an AWB in addition to the item label.


Where can I track my Deutsche Post International shipment?

As Deutsche Post International Customer you will have access to our Customer Portal which enables you among other features to track your shipments with a tracking number. Please be aware that different products include different levels of tracking detail. For detailed tracking status updates, please visit our tracking portal.

Will the tracking data be pushed back to the customers?

Not pushed, but pulled back. The Customer system has to request new tracking information for shipments in transit.

Does the API also update the portal to show the events on a front screen?


How often are new tracking events available?

Tracking events are updated every hour.