E-POST International

Simplify your business with our four key services

Our E-POST International services take the complexity out of document processing so that you can focus on your core business.
We design, execute, and manage tailor-made solutions built on standardized services for your incoming and outgoing documents, both physical and digital.

Scan & process Service

Our solutions for your incoming documents

We digitize your incoming  business documents (like invoices) to speed up your access to essential data

  • Scan & Archive all standard business documents
  • Extract relevant information with powerful multi-language optical character recognition (OCR) and assure OCR quality and completeness with multi-language manual data capture service
  • Transfer data faster, reduce processing and handling costs, improve transparency, and minimize errors

Print & mail Service

Our solutions for your outgoing documents

We make sure your mail gets printed and delivered to your customers quickly, safely, and cost-effectively

  • Print & Mail a wide range of transactional and direct mail items (e.g. invoices, HR documents, postcards, flyers)
  • Send high volumes of daily international business mail with fast and reliable services
  • Reduce costs, increase efficiency, speed up processing and delivery, and add flexibility and scalability

Electronic distribution

Our fully digital solutions for your documents

We provide the tools to distribute your business documents to multiple digital media channels

  • Ensure compliant processing and delivery of your electronic invoices with our e-invoicing solution
  • Distribute e-mails reliably with our digital multi-channel solutions, which include bounce handling and online archiving with browser and mobile applications
  • Create direct mail marketing campaigns and personalized landing pages, distribute digitally and physically, and measure campaign success with our cross-media marketing solution

Workflow management

Our workflow solutions for integrated inbound & outbound services

We leverage our document management expertise to manage your workflows and communications

  • Drive down processing costs and increases efficiency by leveraging financial process automation
  • Ensure efficient and consistent HR service delivery worldwide
  • Optimize paper-intensive processes, minimize costs, and reduce emissions with our digital workflows

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